Friday, June 7

Decision-making in the extended time window

15 minute talks and 5 minutes of discussion

Moderators: M Goyal, A Demchuk

1300-1310 Welcome/IntroductionM Goyal
1310-1330 Literature update: What is relevant?M Goyal
1330-1350 Stroke and collateralsP Lylyk
1350-1410 Time is irrelevantM Hill
1410-1430 Approach to imaging in late/unknown time of onset patientsR Nogueira, B Menon
1430-1450 Perfusion maps and tissue fateC Derdeyn
1450-1510 Coffee Break
1510-1530Case presentation and discussionM Almekhlafi
1530-1550Results of the SELECT trial and future approachesA Sarraj
1550-1635 What imaging do I recommend to my PSCT Field, D Heck, B van Adel
1635-1700 Case presentation and discussion B Menon
1800-2400 Dinner

Saturday, June 8

When do I say “No”?!

Endovascular thrombectomy has broad efficacy irrespective of age, sex, or stroke severity at presentation. One must carefully think about which patients with proximal occlusion should not be offered treatment given the poor natural history of disease. In these sessions, presenters will discuss scenarios and cases where the decision to proceed with EVT may not be apt.

Moderators: M Chimowitz, M Hill

0800-0845 Pre-hospital/ PSC setting (15 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion)
Moderator2: M Chimowitz, M Hill
0800-0820 When do I say “No” to patient transfer to CSC? S Nagel
0820-0840 How does having a Mobile Stroke Unit influence the transfer decision?J Grotta
0840-0845 Q and A
0845 – 1030 CSC setting (10 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion)
0845– 0900When do I bypass the CT scan? M Psychogios
0900 – 0915When do I say “No” to IV thrombolysis? R Swartz
0915 – 0930 When do I say “No” to opening an M1-occlusion? G Milot
0930 – 0945 When do I say “No” to femoral artery access? A Puri
0945 – 1000 When do I say “No” to conscious sedation? D Dowlatshahi
1000 – 1020Coffee Break
1020 – 1035 When do I say “No” to emergency carotid stenting? A Poppe
1035 – 1050 My strategy of managing tandem occlusion. M Wallocha
1050 – 1105 The Magic of Data Visualization (Results from the UNMASK-EVT survey and Kashani
1105 – 1205 Optimizing first pass TICI 2c-3
A Jadhav, M Goyal, R Nogueira, D Frei
1205 – 1225 Thrombus characteristics: does it influence technique? P Brouwer
1225 – 1245 EVT when resources are limitedA Taylor
1245 – 1300 Questions
1300 – 1345 Lunch
1300 – 1500 Escape-NA1 trial meeting (trials centers only)
1700 – 1800Cocktails
1800-2100Dinner: Keynote speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Saver
“Personalized Thrombolysis, Thrombectomy, and Reperfusion”


Sunday, June 9

Current methods and future directions

(15-minute talks and 5 minute discussion)


0800 – 0820 Detection and Treatment of Intracranial Atherosclerotic LVOJS Lee
0820 – 0840 Selective Hypothermia with EVTM Almekhlafi
0900 – 1200 Challenging cases
(15-minute presentation and 10-minute discussion)

0900 – 1015 Mix of challenging Stroke (non-EVT & EVT) cases
1015 – 1035 Coffee break
1035 – 1200Mix of challenging Stroke (non-EVT & EVT) cases

Bon Voyage!


  1. R Agid
  2. J Schaafsma
  3. J Tarpley
  4. A Hassan
  5. P Brouwer
  6. G Milot
  7. S Nagel
  8. J Teitelbaum
  9. S Sohn
  10. E Sauvageau
  11. V Puetz